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We are fully regulated

As the Irish branch of a UK charity we are registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, and comply with all of the regulations applying to UK charities. We publish fully audited accounts which can be viewed on our UK website and on the Charity Commission website. We are also members of the Fundraising Standards Board. When the Charity Regulator is established in Ireland we will endeavour to comply with their regulation as soon as possible. All of this means that you can give to us in the knowledge that your money will be used honestly and properly.



Junior Sponsorship

This online Junior sponsorship is especially for parents, guardians or other relatives who want to sponsor on behalf of a child in Ireland. This special Junior Sponsorship can help teach your child the joy and experience of giving by helping children less fortunate than them and seeing the difference their sponsorship can make.

How much does it cost to sponsor an orphan?

Junior sponsorship costs €12 a month, just 40 cents a day, so less than a packet of crisps! Online sponsorship will give you access to your personal sponsors area where you will find photos of the child we choose for you to sponsor and information about them.

We encourage our young fundraisers to make giving to a charity part of their lives. Research shows that younger people aren’t giving to charity to the extent that generations have done before, and with the need now greater than ever it’s important that we inspire the next generation to give what they can to help.

Pen Pals

Lottie joined our Junior Sponsorship campaign and has now received a letter from Yu Go at Baan Tharn Namchai who appears to be delighted with her new-found friend. Despite being so many thousands of miles apart, they do have quite a lot in common – particularly having best friends and enjoying dancing. It is hoped that Yu Go will be one of the lucky ones to come here on a trip next year, so it is possible they may meet. We do hope you will tell us more about some of the new friendships that develop through our campaign. We would love to hear from you!

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways to give, why not ask a relative or family friend to sponsor an orphan on behalf of your child instead of buying them presents for Birthdays, Christmas or Christenings?

Maybe you could help your child organise a sponsored walk or swim or any fundraising event to raise money to go towards sponsoring an orphan. Sponsoring an orphan is rewarding for the whole family.

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