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If you are looking to help an Irish charity, why not donate and sponsor to the Thai Children's Trust in Ireland. We help the poor children of Thailand and also donate to several Thai Orphanages across Thailand. We need sponsors from people like you today.

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By sponsoring a child from just 70 cent per day you are offering security to an individual child while contributing to the support of thousands of vulnerable children across Thailand.

Children affected by HIV and disability, victims of domestic abuse and forced labour, orphaned and abandoned children and migrant children struggling alone in a foreign country. Thanks to your gift these children are able to enjoy the security of a safe home, nutritious meals and access to specialist care and a good education.

Your Sponsorship is so much more than just a regular donation. Not only does your Sponsorship show an individual child that you care, but a proportion of your donation also helps to fund long-term social change projects designed to strengthen family units and prevent children from entering institutions in the future.

For every Euro you give, 10 cent contributes to the running of our Sponsorship Programme – so we can continue to find new Sponsors like yourself. Of the remaining 90 cent, 70% is sent to the project that directly cares for your Sponsored Child and their friends. The remaining 30% of your donation is set aside to help local communities to implement long-term social change projects that support vulnerable children and their families, meaning when you sponsor a child with Thai Children’s Trust your impact is now greater than ever.

As a Sponsor you will receive two annual updates on your Sponsored Child’s progress. You are also invited to share gifts and cards enabling you to forge a real connection with them.

Too many children in Thailand face the challenges of growing up in poverty, neglect and abuse. Your Sponsorship stands between these children and the dangers of growing up alone, without adequate care or the safety of a loving family.

Please act today to help us protect Thailand’s forgotten children.

give 21 euros a month to change life of child sponsor and orphanage

help sarnelli house

Orphanage for children affected by HIV

You can help this very special home for over 170 children affected by HIV

From babies to teenagers, all the children at the orphanage are either HIV+ or have lost one or both parents to HIV. Life-saving medication and dedicated staff provide love and a real home. The orphanage is a happy and vibrant place, full of lively, happy children.

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Join an Irish charity and help change the lives of orphaned, abandoned, disabled, HIV+ and refugee children in Thailand today.

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As a small charity, Thai Children’s Trust recruit multiple donors per child. This enables us to minimise administration while maximising our impact on the lives of children in Thailand.

1 child at a total of €21 per month

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